Monday, December 8, 2008

What Did Jesus Look Like

In the last few weeks, I have spent a lot of time in hospital rooms and in the bed at home. For the first time I have become acquainted with daytime television. May I say, "YUCK!" One thing I have learned from the commercials is that we, as Americans, are very concerned with our looks. It also seems, no matter the condition of the economy, that there must be a lot of money spent on changing and protecting our appearance.

So my question is, "What did Jesus look like when he was living as a man?" Not that it matters to me, but I think we do get images in our mind.

My grandmother, Ma-Ma, had this picture on one of her walls. It's a neat picture but I don't think it captures reality. Jesus was a carpenter. He was a construction worker. There were no power tools, so I feel that he was muscular and had callused, tough hands. I am amazed at most of the paintings and potraits that have been made of the son of God. Did your parents have one of the "big" coffee table Bibles? (Remember the one of Adam& Eve running from the garden?) We did and I found many of those potraits on the computer this morning while I reminisced of the days of opening that huge Bible and not reading, but finding all of the pictures. (and they were in COLOR!!)

May I vent before I get to the point of this blog? When did we make Jesus blue-eyed? Do we really believe he had to have had long, flowing, "feathered" hair? Why do most of the potraits make me think that I would not want Jesus' locker next to mine in athletics? Maybe some people confused the fact that Jesus was from Nazarene, but he was not a Nazarite! Nazarites took a vow to not cut hair or drink alcohol. Jesus was a homeless man, who did not even have enough money to pay his taxes. I really doubt he had color-coordinated, layered robes with matching open toed sandals.

The truth is we do not know what Jesus looked like. There is not enough historical evidence and the only scripture reference I could find says:
He has no form or comeliness; And when we see Him, There is no beauty that we should desire Him.
Isaiah 53:2 (NKJV)

What Jesus looked like is not important! What Jesus did is important!!
The last two weeks I have SEEN what Jesus looks like! No,this is not the morphine talking! Yes, I have seen Jesus!

I have seen my family & through my friends!
Jesus fixed our bedroom door. (Ryan )
Jesus kissed my cheek & told me to be strong (my Dad)
Jesus brought us a Thanksgiving turkey. (Jim)
Jesus makes sure I am not alone in my room (Kati, Callie, Derick)
Jesus keeps my family going by doing the everyday, unseen stuff. (Gammy & PawPaw)
Jesus keeps feeding my family. (SS class, HGHS faculty)
Jesus calls me daily! (my friends & fellow coaches)
Jesus showed up yesterday, raked leaves & cleaned our yard (Scottie, Michael, Dustin, & kids)
Jesus holds me at night when it is dark! (Chris, my best friend!)
I could write all day and I would still miss someone, but the point is made. What does Jesus look friends and family!

Thank you! I continue to see Jesus daily! I will finish because of YOU!!!


Phyllis K said...

Kevin, you continue to teach even from home! The ways you see Jesus we just take for granted every day. Thank you for sharing your marathon with us. You are an awesome SS teacher and an even more awesome "runner" of your faith. This is the marathon you will win first place!!! Mark and I are praying for you all and will see you soon!

Love to you all!


Mark K said...

Kevin, what a great story to relate how people can show the love of Jesus through the kind things they do for other people in need. I know we haven't seen you and Chris for awhile now and we sure do miss you two. I don't know how this is possible, seeing as I haven't seen you lately, but I feel more of connection with you than I ever have felt. (Is that possible between a Sooner and Longhorn? LOL) To share the love of God must be more of a connector than seeing each other often. Phyllis and I do pray for your family often and look forward to the day all of you can return to your church family. Just remember we love you and are here to help in any way that you need. I am looking forward to the awesome testimony you will have after this marathon is completed! By the way, Phyllis and I are being dinner the 15th, so let us know what you have had too much of already. LOL

A Brother in God's love,

R said...

Wait a minute... you let me go all these years believing that Jesus looked like a pale-skinned, flip-flop-wearing, blue-eyed, English-speaking, long-haired, color-coordinated, hand-lotion-wearing, nice-smelling, prohibitionist, gentleman!!!

I feel so deceived...

(press on)

Mary said...

I'm really having a problem with this comment process, but I am determined!! LOL
I'm a friend of your mom's and I'm a walking miracle. I had a tumor on my spine and it was benign. I also walked within three days even though I was scheduled for a one-week stay in a physical therapy facility. I continue to teach kindergarten and live my life, but I never, ever forget that I am blessed by my Savior, friends, and family.

Nancy said...

Kevin, Zora, my precious angel with whom I thank God for shared your blog with me.Although we have never met, I feel I know you through Zora and Danny and now with your blog. You are truly as special as they have said. You and Chris are truly blessed to have each other. (I love that girl!)Thank you for sharing what miracles Jesus gives us each and every day. Many times we get caught up with meaningless events. Stay strong. "I have strength for all things in Christ who empowers me (I am ready for anything and equal to anything through Him who infuses inner strength into me; I am self-sufficient in Christ's sufficiency). Phipippians 4:13

May God Bless You, Nancy

Bro. Lyn said...

What an amazing thought...especially at this special time of the year! He put skin on and crawled into the manger so we could see Him and touch Him! Emmanuel...God with us! And now, we understand fully that He is not only here in Spirit, indwelling us, but he is manifesting Himself everyday through family and friends! Kevin, you and Chris are such a blessing and inspiration to us all! I am learning daily from you how to continue to live and walk by faith!

Marcia said...

Okay I had done well with this and not cried until this blog. What a sweet witness this is. How could people not understand after reading this. You are truly an amazing writer. I already knew you were an amazing teacher (SS). These blogs are teaching us with every new one you write. Thank you for sharing your faith with us in these messages.

I love you all,


lovie said...

Kevin, I have seen Jesus this morning...through your blogging!!! You are such an amazing witness for Christ...I can only imagine how many students will be touched by the Lord through your marathon!
Keep running & Merry Christmas!!!