Sunday, December 21, 2008

Just Some "Facts!"

I wanted to spend a few moments just to share a few "facts" with everyone. One of the things I have wanted the "blog" to be is a place to keep my friends and loved ones informed of what is happening with treatment and how we are doing. I never realized what a job that is, so I will try to make sure that not all of my posts are about "lessons" I am learning or my thoughts, but occasional medical and physical updates.
This last Friday, December 19th, Chris and I went to my 7th radiation treatment in the morning, and then I had lab work and a doctor appointment in the afternoon. The radiation is progressing normally?! I have a few side effects but my radiation doctor is being aggressive, which is what we wanted, and using the maximum amount. They are even opening the clinic for us on the Sunday after Christmas, so I will not have as many gaps in treatment. The radiation plan is for five weeks or 25 days, which means radiation should end approximately Jan. 19th.
My blood work and tests still show no other signs of cancer, other than the tumor we are dealing with on my spine. They will continue to monitor as they treat and I am sure that I will be checked for the rest of my life. The cancer "team" did meet and decided to begin chemotherapy (drug therapy) along with the radiation. They had actually started me on this oral administration last week. This drug should help shrink the tumor and hopefully will help prevent any cancer cells from leaking to other parts of my body. On approximately Jan. 19th, when I finish radiation, I will begin a more aggressive chemotherapy. At this time it looks like this will be in the form of an IV that I will take for four sessions over a 4-week period. Of course, all of this is depending on how things progress and if they need to they will change this to a port for the chemotherapy and adjust the type of medicine needed, they will do so.
I am so thankful for the doctors being aggressive and proactive. I feel this will be an important part of finishing this race. There is still quite a bit of pain and it is really hard to be "comfortable." Each treatment has its' own special side effects, but the discomforts are worth the healing. (Such as being on the computer at 3:00 am) Ha!
I hope to begin to return to my "normal" life soon, in an adjusted way. I don't even know what that means yet, but I must patiently keep allowing myself to be treated by God-given doctors, loved by God-filled family and friends, and healed by a loving God, who has a plan for me.
Sgt. Friday-----out!


Chris said...

So this is what you do while I sleep? I'm sorry you don't get good rest yet, but it is coming. I believe God has a restorative plan for you. I love you.

(G) Tim Skidmore said...

Kevin, Reading your blog lifts my spirits. I can't wait to read each new entry.Your faith is amazing. The title "Coach" applies to you in more ways than just a basketball coach. You have been a "Coach" as a parent, friend, teacher, neighbor, Sunday School teacher, and you are still coaching others even through this tough time.I pray often for you and your family. I love you. Keep up the good work. God rewards his faithful followers. Tim

VA said...

Keep on keeping on!
And, "be careful on the highway!"

"I love you a big lot!"
Aunt VA

Dustin said...

Hey Coach, this is Dustin (AKA Star Manager...) I just now found the link to this off of the School page, I am going to bookmark it to keep up to date with everything. Keep being strong and staying tough and get back with the team soon, we'd love to have you and can't wait for you to be back! Merry Christmas and happy New Year!