Sunday, September 18, 2011


Many times I use the phrase "Hold Fast" at the end of my notes or letters.  I usually list II Timothy 1:13 beside this phrase which says:

13 Hold fast the pattern of sound words which you have heard from me, in faith and love which are in Christ Jesus.                         II Timothy 1:13 (New King James)

As sailors traveled to far off countries, they encountered tribes who used the art of tattooing.  Sailors then began to use tattoos to tell their stories, celebrate milestones, and fuel the superstitious beliefs in these body markings.  Many sailors had the phrase "HOLD FAST" tattooed on their knuckles.  This was to remind them to hold tightly to the lines.  Their ability or inability to hold the line would decide the fate of the very life of the sailor or the lives of their shipmates.  The tattoo was usually written to face the sailor so as he was gripping the line he would see the reminder, HOLD FAST.  An interesting fact I learned is that many of the sailors were unable to swim.  Their determination to hold on literally meant life or death.

I love quotations of famous people. I even have several books of only quotes.  This verse I have quoted says to hold fast to the pattern of sound words.   But the sound words I have hung on to during tough times in my life are not the quotes of theologians, presidents, or philosophers.  I remember the wise words of:

  • My grandmother, Ma-Ma.
  • My father, Von Weaver.
  • My mother, G-G.
  • My "other mother", Zora McBride, Gammy.
  • My wife's father & my friend, Danny McBride, PawPaw.
Each of their lives has told me a story. Each of these loved ones has given me sound advice, with a common theme.............."Don't Give Up!"

I hope you enjoy this video - "Hold Fast" by Mercy Me.

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Chris Weaver said...

Thanks for your writing and your inspiring words. I've thought much about "holding fast" during these past two weeks. Keep writing - I love to hear your thoughts! Love you!